General terms of trading

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Services, commitments, garantees

Our general terms of sale and our particular terms of sale apply to any deals with Le Monde est Beau. General and particular trade terms documents can be ordered from our web site:
The documents comply with the trading laws of France, specifically on the following points:

Objects / Decorative Products :
The panels Module Mineral and the mural works on site are deemed as “objet d’art” for taxation purpose. Each panel is numbered and signed in respect of a list based on the theme and the number of the panel in the line.

Creation, conception and productivity processes come under a keen professional approach, are listed and communicated to the client or the appointed agent.

All materials used conform to the strict standards of the UE Building products Directive. Our subcontractors and suppliers work to the same attested standards as ours:

  • NF EN 459-1 allows us to stamp CE on our achievements;
  • Mark CE system 2+, guaranteed by the CSBT;
  • ISO 9001 and 14001.

Fees are fixed on the type of work required and are to be found in our catalogue, not included are taxes and logistic costs. Packing, transport and insurance fees are made according to particular condition of each order, for France and for export. Prices can vary according to the characteristics of the order, notably with bespoke work. A 50% deposit  is required on confirmation of any commission  and before commencing the project.
The work, with all taxes, transport, packing, customs duty, must be paid before dispatch.

Commercial and Legal Proceeding:
Any claim against Le Monde est Beau by a client not settled with an amicable agreement has to be brought before a competent tribunal in Lyon (Rhône, France).

Ownership of the products:
Legal ownership is owned by the seller as long as the work has not been fully paid. The transfer of ownership goes with the transfer of risk.